Convergences: York-University of Toronto Graduate History Conference is an international conference that seeks to provide an equitable, inclusive, and productive environment for its participants and attendees. 

We recognize the right of all our attendees to a safe and equitable environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Conference attendees are expected to behave in a collegial and respectful manner. 

Convergences will not tolerate harassment or professional misconduct. While we respect and encourage open discussion and differences of opinion, we expect professional behaviour from all conference participants and attendees. People in violation of these values will not be tolerated at our conference.

These professional norms cover all attendees’ conduct, either online or in person, while the conference is in session.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our professional conduct policy, please contact our equity officers, Nico Mara-McKay (they/them), Heather McIntyre (she/her), and Ash Desai (he/him) at

We follow the Renaissance Society of America’s policy on harassment established 22 April 2020 as follows:

Behaviours, whether in person or on electronic media, that violate the Professional Conduct Policy of Convergences
  • Threats or actions that cause or threaten personal harm
  • Threats or actions that cause or threaten professional harm, punishment, or retaliation
  • Intimidating, harassing, abusive, derogatory or demeaning speech or actions
  • Prejudicial actions or comments that coerce others, foment broad hostility or otherwise undermine professional equity or the principles of free academic exchange
  • Unwelcome solicitation of emotional or physical intimacy
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking or following
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Sustained, unprofessional disruption of talks or other events
  • Other intentionally disruptive behavior

Procedures for Filing a Conduct Complaint:

Convergences attendees may file complaints about harassment or misconduct with the Convergences staff. Email: addressed to our equity officers, Nico Mara-McKay (they/them), Heather McIntyre (she/her) or Ash Desai (he/him). Please put “Complaint” in the subject line and include (i) your name, (ii) the Convergences attendee whose conduct is the subject of the complaint; (iii) the date, time, and place of the misconduct; and (iv) a description of the incident. All complaints will be kept anonymous and will only be known to the equity officers (if you would like to confine your complaint to a single equity officer, please state the name of the equity officer in your subject line). We also accept anonymous complaints although it may be harder to investigate the misconduct and take action. 

If your complaint requires timely action during the Convergences conference, please put “URGENT” in the subject line. In all cases, reporting in a timely fashion is the most effective, although we understand that reporting during the conference may not be possible for a number of reasons. 

Procedures Convergences will take in the Event of a Complaint

The equity officers may investigate any informal or time-sensitive complaint and take immediate action. Such action may include removing the individual(s) from Convergences if such removal can in whole or in part address the complaint. Upon the purview of the equity officers, they may also bring the complaint to the Convergences committee for investigation and resolution.

Once a complaint has been investigated and deemed credible, the attendee whose behaviour is the subject of the complaint will be able to make their case to the equity officers. 

The Convergences equity officers will make reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of the investigation, consistent with the need to disclose information in the process of investigation or as required by law. 

Sanctions Taken by Convergences

The Convergences conference reserves the right to take any action based on its discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, removing an individual from the Convergences conference, sending a letter of warning, forbidding participation in future Convergences or York and University of Toronto History Department events, sending a letter describing the event and the results of the investigation to the department(s) of the individual and/or rescinding any awards given by Convergences upon approval from the equity officers. 

Constitution of the equity officers

  1. There will always be a minimum of three (3) equity officers agreed upon by the Convergences committee
  2. equity officers will be from an equity seeking group as defined by the Employment Equity Act.
  3. Any decisions will be put to a vote and will be ruled upon a simple majority (⅔) by the equity officers. 
  4. Any officer who deems themselves, or are deemed by the other equity officers, to be in conflict must recuse themselves from the investigation. In the event that there is a split in the vote of the remaining equity officers, a member of the Convergences team will be chosen as the alternate equity officer.
  5. Officers will hold one year terms, nonrenewable, up to the selection of new equity officers in the following fall semester.