York University Team

Angela Zhang

Ash Desai

Esha Bhardwaj

Evania Pietrangelo-Porco

Richard Robertson

University of Toronto Team

Kate Bauer

Hannah Cooley

Heather McIntyre

Nico Mara-McKay

Siddharth Sridhar

Welcome to the inaugural York & University of Toronto Graduate History Conference

We are Convergences 2021. 

This unprecedented year has called for unprecedented modifications. Amongst the results of such novel developments has been the convergence of the annual conferences of York University and University of Toronto’s graduate history departments. Our decision to collaborate is one that transcends inter-departmental and inter-university boundaries  as  an effort to promote academic discourse in spite of the hardships of 2020. As academics, we have never been more physically separated and yet simultaneously connected in our ideas. Therefore, we bring you the 2021 Convergences Conference. 

Our virtual conference takes place online on 28-30 April 2021. Instead of coffee, uncomfortable seating, and stuffy lecture halls, we will be offering a truly virtual smorgasbord of historical engagement. 

The theme of our symposium is, “Confronting Crisis: Writing History in Uncertain Times”. As societies around the globe experience unprecedented ambiguity regarding the future, there is both academic merit and solace to examining how actors in the past have confronted crises. We are not the first and will not be the last humans to survive troubling times. As a result we can learn from the construction of a historiography that not only commemorates achievement in the face of adversity but explores how to consolidate these achievements into lessons for future generations.