Publish! Publish! Publish! As graduate students, we are constantly under pressure to get into the world of academic publishing but opportunities to publish are few and far between and it can be rather tough to get feedback on our work! That’s why Convergences 2021 is partnering with York University’s Left History and the University of Toronto’s Past Tense to edit and publish the top two research articles submitted by our panelists ahead of the conference. 

The Past Tense Graduate Review of History was launched in 2011 to provide a platform for young and promising historians from around the world to showcase their original research in an annual peer-reviewed publication. Left History: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Historical Inquiry and Debate, launched in 1993, is a peer-reviewed biannual journal with an editorial board of prominent left historians, featuring work by established and new scholars from a variety of disciplines on topics including race, politics, gender, sexuality, culture, the state, labour, the environment, human rights, theory, and method. Both journals publish original research articles, book reviews, review essays and other forms of critical interventions in historiography across a broad range of time periods and geographies. Submissions to Past Tense and Left History undergo a rigorous anonymous peer review process which is an excellent opportunity to get clear, in-depth feedback from both peers and established scholars in the field. 

If you’re a panelist at Convergences 2021, please consider participating in our research article contest! The top two papers will be edited for publication at either Past Tense or Left History and receive a monetary award of $250 CAD. If you are interested in submitting your paper for these prizes, please submit your full paper no later than 19 April 2021. The two successful applicants will be announced at the end of our conference during our closing remarks.

We’re looking forward to reading your excellent submissions and working with you to publish them in our journals. But that’s not the only way you can work with us and gain experience with academic publishing! 

Visit our partners at and to learn about other opportunities at these two amazing journals and browse current and past editions!


Sid Sridhar, University of Toronto

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